What To Do

Tell Us Everything

We want to know all about you so that we can provide the best treatment. All information is confidential, so please let us know if you are pregnant, taking medications, or feeling discomfort.

Shut It Down

To keep the peace, kindly turn off your cell phones and other devices upon arrival.

Share the Joy

Our prices do not include gratuities. Gratuities generally range from 15%–20% of the total service fee.

Keep It Cool

The Spa is packed with pros, so inappropriate requests or conduct will not be tolerated. Services can be denied or discontinued at the discretion of management.

How To Do It

Be Timely

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Be Modest

Private changing rooms and showers are available.

Be Spoiled

Herbal teas and light snacks are served in the lounge.

Be Secure

Lockers are provided; however, we recommend leaving valuables at home.

Be Pampered

Robe and slippers are provided.

Be Ready

Please shower before entering the immersion pools.