Next to a stroll through the majestic McCall outdoors, a spirited massage is the best way to induce a serene state of mind. Sample any (or all) of the following treatments.

Currently offering 60 minute treatments.

Vintage McCall

Timeless and tranquil, exactly like McCall. The Vintage uses long, flowing strokes for maximum relaxation. Boost your experience with aromatherapy oils with notes of citrus to energize, or a blend of lavender and lemongrass to relax.
(60 MIN) $150

Big Game

Not for the faint of heart! This robust massage targets the tight spots deep in the muscle layers caused by vigorous activity. Big Game incorporates an essential oil blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and ginger to stimulate circulation and soothe active muscles.
(60 MIN) $150


Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Pick and choose the specific area you want us to target, and that will be our focus throughout the entire session.
(60 MIN) $150


After a day of pounding the trails, a little foot pampering is the perfect remedy. Utilizing the ancient eastern methodology of Reflexology, Footprints targets pressure points on the feet that correlate with specific areas of your body.
(60 MIN) $150

Prenatal Massage

Available after the first trimester.
(60 MIN) $150

Enjoy a side-by-side couples massage with someone special. Any of the massages on the menu can be done in our adjoining treatment room. Let us know and we will make the arrangements.